December 17, 2017

About Us

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Housing Rights, Inc.

Housing Rights, Inc. was founded in 1979 by a law student who could not find housing because she had young children. We are committed to seeing that that does not happened to others. Join us in fighting to uphold the ‘housing rights’ of everyone.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to fight for equal access to housing for everyone by eliminating barriers to housing choice such as discrimination, sub-standard housing, ignorance, apathy and malice in order to eradicate illegal housing discrimination, prevent evictions/foreclosures and encourage diversity in our neighborhoods.

We do this by assisting individuals in exercising their housing rights to obtain and maintain the home of their choice and by promoting understanding by tenants and landlords, housing consumers and housing providers of their rights and responsibilities through housing rights counseling/advocacy, education, outreach, investigation, mediation, self-advocacy, legal referrals and enforcement of fair housing laws.

Our Values

  • We remove barriers. We fight “Malice, Ignorance and Apathy”
  • We are persistent. We work on a problem until we have exhausted all options
  • We do not turn anyone away. If we are not able to help we find someone who can
  • We are accessible. We try to have a live person answer the phone, we have phone interpreter services available for most languages, we make ‘housecalls’
  • We are flexible. All of our practices and procedures are reviewed regularly and changed if needed to allow for better services
  • We work as a team. Staff, clients, volunteers, funders and donors are part of our ‘team’

Our Vision

A world where every child is smiling; free from hunger, free from homelessness, free from harm, free from hate.

Please call us if you have a question. If we don’t have the answer we will try to get one for you! Call us at 510-548-8776. Or use our Info-Line: 1-800-261-2298.