December 17, 2017

Join Our Team

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Every year I am amazed at many things….

  • How quickly the year went by,
  • that our ‘team’ (staff and Board) gets better and better,
  • that Arlene (Bradley, Program Administrator) continues to laugh with us and for us,
  • that we have another year ahead of us to make a difference.

The challenges appear to be getting greater. Non-profits are struggling all around us. Some are gone, some won’t make it much longer. But the need that they have attempted to address goes on and on.

There is nothing more important than having a place to call ‘home’. Housing Rights, Inc. helps people get and keep their home by exercising their housing rights. We further strengthen our work and our community by educating renters, homeowners, homebuyers, and housing providers about their rights, responsibilities and opportunities.

Our goals, with your help are to eliminate housing discrimination, prevent evictions and encourage diversity in our communities.

It not only takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to make sure that child grows up healthy, educated and housed.

Join our team. You can make a difference in our community by donating money, goods and time to Housing Rights, Inc.

With great respect,

Wanda Remmers
Executive Director