December 17, 2017

FAQs Disclaimer


California Law

Questions that have to do with tenant/landlord relationships and some questions regarding discrimination may be different depending upon local and state laws. These answers reflect our understanding of California law as it relates to tenant landlord relationships. For questions about rent control please go to the appropriate City website.

Staff of Housing Rights, Inc. are not attorneys. These answers are not intended to provide you with legal advice. But to provide you with information that you may use to decide if you need an attorney, if you can attempt to resolve your problem yourself, or if you need the assistance of an agency such as ours. If you believe that the information listed here is inaccurate or outdated please contact us immediately. We are greatful for your assistance in keeping this page up to date.

Find websites for information in your area.

List of fair housing and legal service agencies throughout the United States. This list is not updated regularly. You may find some of the numbers don’t work or the agencies are no longer open. However, there should be another agency nearby where staff can give you information you need or steer you to an agency that can help you. We would appreciate it if you informed us of any errors.