December 17, 2017

Way of the E.S.O. Poem


Way of the E.S.O. (East Side Oakland) 11/10/03

People get shot, strangeled and stabbed with knives
But the worst part is somebody loses their life.
We do through this everyday and night
Shots get fiered two hit and one dies
As I walk by
I spy five guys getting’ high
And by my surprise
Three of them don’t have much longer to live their
mamas cry
wiping tears from their eyes
Thinking in their minds why
Why my Baby gotta die
left a wife and some kids behind
They know He’s watching over so somehow they’ll
Stuff like this Happen ‘cause
Instead of making good of a situation
We got people trying to protect their Hood Reputation
We fight for peace in the middle east
But what about our ghetto wars on these
But whats another uh-oh
Everybody gets there chance to go
It jus comes a little sooner in the E.S.O.
But why?
Mabey for Revenge
For a lost family member or friend
From a gun in Hand
or mabey though
Its’ just the Way of the E.S.O.

Raquelle Turner