December 17, 2017

How We Do It

Clapping GroupBecause of Our:

Housing Rights, Inc. board and staff are very appreciative and honored to be able to work closely with so many other non-profits as well as to benefit from a comprehensive array of resources specifically design to support the good works of non-profits. Without their support we would not be able to provide services to as many people as we do. And of course, special appreciation goes to our funders!



Housing Rights, Inc. staff work in collaboration with a number of groups. These include the West Contra Costa County Don’t Borrow Trouble Campaign, the City of Oakland Housing Provider Collaboration, the San Francisco Bay Area Predatory Lending Task Force and the Fair Lending Consortium.


We have developed partnerships with a number of our fellow non-profits. These include: the Repair and Deduct Project with the East Bay Community Law Center, Attorney Counseling Evenings with Bay Area Legal Aid and Housing Rights for Immigrant Legal Clinics with Monument Community Partnership.


We benefit greatly from the support of: Volunteer Center of the East Bay, Bay Area Black United Fund, the United Way, our funders, our donors and our volunteers.

Non-Profit Support/Resources

We take advantage of (and encourage all non-profits to do so) the following: