December 17, 2017

Going For The Gold-Building on Faith

Board PresidentSIlver DragonBarbara Johnson

September 28, 2006 at the Silver Dragon in Chinatown, Downtown Oakland.

Inspirational Words by Barbara Hamilton-Holway

Discrimination in housing was the law of the land until fairly recently (1963). With a legacy of over 200 years of institutionalized discrimination, we can expect it to take at least until our 50th anniversary to reverse the damage caused by housing discrimination.

So, we’re going for the gold. In planning to be around another 24 years we cannot think of anything more important than to recognize the contribution of other organizations working, as we are, for adequate housing for everyone.

Housing Rights, Inc. Board and staff are proud to have recognized, at our annual reception on September 28th, 2006  the following faith groups/project for their lasting contribution to our shared vision.

These groups include:

OAKLAND COMMUNITY HOUSING INC. was created in 1973 to serve Oakland residents whose homes were demolished for the Oakland Redevelopment Agency’s construction of the City Center Project. The nonprofit agency was a collaborative effort of a grassroots, community-based coalition of local residents, churches, the Oakland Citizen’s Committee for Urban Renewal, the Black Panther Party and the Oakland Legislative Council for Seniors, who came together to advocate for affordable replacement housing.

Sylvester Rutledge Manor is a 65-unit affordable apartment complex for low-income seniors. The development is a joint venture between OCHI and North Oakland Missionary Baptist Church, whose church is directly adjacent to the property.

Named for the long-time pastor of the adjacent Downs Memorial United Methodist Church, Bishop Roy C. Nichols Senior Housing is a 17-unit affordable senior complex in North Oakland that opened in Spring 2003. It was developed in partnership with Downs Community Development Corporation.

Allen Temple Baptist Church was organized in 1919 and has a rich heritage of making a positive difference in the lives of people in East Oakland, the Bay Area and around the world. Under the anointed leadership of Dr. J. Alfred Smith Sr., Allen Temple Baptist Church has grown from a membership of 500 to over 5,000.

The Allen Temple Development Corporation is a non profit corporation that was instituted in 1982, in the State of California. They own Allen Temple Arms #1 and #2. The mission of the Allen Temple Arms Retirement Community is to provide quality housing, services, and activities for qualified elderly and disabled persons with respect and dignity in a secure and loving Christian environment. They are the oldest anchor facility in the community renaissance, occurring in far East Oakland.

GRIP, Greater Richmond Interfaith Program began in 1966 when a group of racially, culturally, and religiously diverse faith communities came together to address issues of social and economic justice. Now 40 congregations and hundreds of individuals around the Bay Area are active members of GRIP. In 2006, GRIP will be opening the $3.8 million Souper Center as part of their 40th anniversary. The Souper Center will provide emergency housing to 40 to 60 families per year as well as daily meals, access to jobs and housing opportunities.

Contra Costa Interfaith Housing, Inc. (CCIH) is a service-oriented coalition of 15 faith communities in Central Costa County. The program’s goal is to provide permanent supported housing for homeless families, along with life skill courses, job training, counseling and other services. Their first development is a 25 unit apartment complex in Pleasant Hill—Garden Park Apartments.

The Contra Costa Winter Nights Program is a project of the Social Justice Alliance of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County. After holding three town meetings in Orinda churches in late September and early October, the Homeless Summit of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County has decided to re-institute a congregational rotating shelter. throughout central and east Contra Costa are encouraged to provide space and/or volunteers to create a temporary winter nights shelter in one-, two- or three-week segments.

Mt. Diablo Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical, non-profit organization that builds simple, decent, and affordable homes with low-income people in need. Since its incorporation in 1990, Mt. Diablo Habitat has provided affordable housing for 62 families in East and Central Contra Costa County. Their concept is to build communities with community partnerships, to change lives through home construction. One of their next projects includes the House Built on Faith. A house and family will be ‘adopted’ by an interfaith collaborative brought together by Mt. Diablo Habitat for Humanity.

We are very proud that this year Faith Works! a collaboration between faith and labor organization in Contra Costa County will be joining us as a co-sponsor. They work to improve the quality of life in the County through the work of the residents.