December 17, 2017


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“Learning the language of another country
without learning the culture makes a fluent fool.”
Milton Bennet

Housing Rights Inc. Board and staff are committed to improving our ability to serve immigrant communities. Please read the following document for a legal description of some barriers to housing choice written by a local fair housing attorney:
Fair Housing Issues Affecting Noncitizens in Privately-Owned, Nonsubsidized Housing (PDF: (0.1MB)

To reach our goal of improving our services to immigrants:

  • We have a subscription with Language Line which allows us to speak by a three-way phone conversation with almost any who lives in the East Bay regardless of the language they speak.
  • Our written material (and much of the material in this website is in English, Spanish and Chinese) is translated into other languages.
  • We are the proud participants in the Northern California Citizenship Projects’ Leadership Development Project.
  • We partner with community based organizations that primarily serve immigrant communities or who serve large numbers of immigrants. That partnership is mutually beneficial as it allow both agencies to enrich our ability to serve our clients.
  • We have developed a ‘Tip Sheet for CBO’s (PDF: 0.06MB).’ This provides local CBO staff with some ideas regarding how to prepare their clients to referral to Housing Rights, Inc. or similar agencies.
  • We have sponsored or co-sponsored conferences on Renter’s Rights for Immigrants (Oakland and Antioch)

We are also proud to be working with housing advocates from all over the west coast on addressing the Fair Housing Issues of Immigrants.

Organizations face complex legal, social and trust issues in serving immigrants and refugees. Discrimination against individuals because of their actual or perceived immigration status is a difficult issue and difficult to prove. Aside from language barriers and cultural differences, fear of authorities and lack of familiarity with local and federal laws make it difficult for legal and social service providers to offer excellent services. We have discovered that the best way for us to reach different immigrant communities is through partnership with other community based organizations that serve immigrants and refugees. We are available for mutual staff in-service trainings, workshops for clients, mutual referral agreements, joint community outreach (festivals, drop-in hours), etc..

As part of this effort we sponsor a listserve through called FH for Immigrants (e-mail us if you would like to join).

And if you would like to help….take a minute to complete this survey: Fair Housing for Immigrants-Survey (PDF: 0.04MB) and e-mail back to us.