December 17, 2017

Safe Home Campaign

safe homeSafe Home, Healthy Home Campaign: this project was created by staff who were frustrated by the numbers of calls that we receive from people who do not feel safe in their own home. The project grew to include a broader definition of safety. We have distributed hundreds of bag of pamphlets and brochures, in English and Spanish, on a wide variety of topics such as: second hand smoke, domestic violence, child care, child-proofing, lead-based paint, safe-sex, vermin prevention, etc.

Our hope is to provide renters with as much information as possible so they can do their part to keep their home safe. If you would like one of our packets give us a call. We distrubute the packets at festivals and other public events.

Some of the handouts have been created by wonderful interns from the University of Phoenix. PDF files of these handouts are below.

Safe Home Campaign information sheets (English)

Campaña de Vivienda Segura Paginas de Informacion (Español)