December 17, 2017

Marianne Lawless Memorial Lecture Series

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Housing Rights, Inc. is proud to be the sponsor of a series of lectures at Bay Area Law Schools bringing Fair Housing Law Practitioners and law students together. This series is being coordinated by Board Member Shirley Hochhausen a distinguished Fair Housing Law Practitioner herself.

The series has been implemented as an important part of our 25th anniversary year celebration. Our founder, Sharon Mosely was a law student at New College when she experienced housing discrimination first hand as she attempted to find housing for herself and her twin daughters. Our founding Executive Director, Marianne Lawless, not an attorney herself, recognized the importance of supporting and nurturing attorneys. She was active in the creation and coordination of the East Bay Tenant Bar Association.

In her honor and with the support of her family, we have visited the following law schools:

Stanford: Scott Chang, Fair Housing Law Practitioner met with Stanford law students, discussing fair housing law and its application to real people’s lives.

Boalt Hall (UC Berkeley): Mary Lee, Fair Housing Practitioner from Southern California (and graduate of Boalt Hall) presented a very personal picture of one advocate’s motivation for fighting housing discrimination.

USF: Bonnie Milstein also gave a very personal and compelling ‘argument’ for practicing ‘civil rights’ law.

Next up:

Hastings Law School in October and to be scheduled, University of Santa Clara.

Each attorney participating in this lecture series will be submitting a two page paper that will be included in our Anniversary Book. This book will be published in November for our Annual Reception honoring Congresswoman Barbara Lee and other local heroes. LOOK FOR IT!


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