December 17, 2017


Allen Temple

We have the following publications available:

Brick by Brick: Removing Barriers from rental housing and zoning and land-use practices. This is a notebook of training material.

Fair Housing Law: Zoning and Land Use Issues. Notebook of training material for all day training for public officials. Also available: 1 hour workshop materials and outline; presentation to public body (planning commission, city council).

Zoning and Land-Use Compliance Project of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties: Final Report. Final Report of 18 month HUD funded (FHIP) project to test 11 jurisdictions in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties for zoning and land-use discrimination. Project sponsor: Housing Rights, Inc.

The California Land Use and Zoning Campaign: an assessment of local compliance with State and Federal Fair Housing Laws providing protections for housing for people with disabilities. Prepared by Kim Savage, J.D. for the Fair Housing Congress of Southern California.

To Test Or Not To Test or…What is a land-use audit? (Training manual)

Opinion pieces: