December 17, 2017

Fair Housing Poem


Fair Housing

Got to pay the rent
This money I can’t spent
Need those keys to the door
Why do I feel so poor?
Go to work but what for
My $ goes straight to the Land Lord

Need to fix that unit
So I can get tenants in it
It’s a nice unit I been told
But I don’t know about that mold
The unit is giving people bad health
While it’s bringing me $ and wealth

It’s the law we have rights
As an agency we will fight
Take pictures and fill out these papers
File them at city hall along with a fee waver
Out reach, a work shop educating the people
But exploitation always has a sequel

The law is on the side of the rich
So for tenants life is a bitch
The good old American Dream
Making tenants crack fiends
Or more like the American Night mare
Where if you are low income nothing is fair

In the Land Lord’s Liability
You’ll find flexibility
Where you can push the limit of humanity
Living on a month to month 3 day notice
Where any one can force an entry

So the bottom line is the money, the assets
The annual income and the equity, the dollar bill, who has it, who doesn’t, who wants it, who gets it?

By Emilio Perez