December 17, 2017

Fair Housing Outreach

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“Persons who are highly knowledgeable about fair housing law are in a better position than are others to be able to identify or detect situations involving discrimination.”* “Fourteen percent of the adult public, which translates into more than 28 million people, claim to have experienced some form of housing discrimination at one point or another in their lives.”

Of people who thought they had been discriminated against in a recently funded HUD study, 83% indicated that they had done nothing about it and 17% said they had done ‘something’. Of people who with a ‘high level of awareness of fair houisng law 22 % had ‘done something’. Of people with a low level of awareness of fair housing law only 8% had ‘done something’.

Why didn’t people ‘do something’? 22% said because it wasn’t worth the time or energy. 16% said there was no point in complaining, nothing would come of it. 14% Didn’t know what to do. 12% went somewhere else to look for housing. 8% didn’t want to live near the purson discriminating against them.

And when a person has a high level of understanding of fair housing law, they are more likely to take action if they suspect they have been discrimiated against.

People who know about their rights are more likely to recognize possible discrimination when it happens to them and are more likely to fight back.

Housing Rights, Inc. offers a number of workshops for renters and homeowners.

*Most of this information is derived from “How Much Do We Know” The Urban Institute funded by HUD 2002